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Zinc aluminum alloy wire

2021-11-05 08:59:22

Zinc aluminum wire:

Galvanized wire with 5% aluminum and 95% zinc alloy coating is called zinc aluminum alloy galvanized wire, commonly known as "Galfan wire". Compared with traditional zinc coating, this coating has better corrosion resistance, so it can make zinc aluminum alloy wire have longer service life than ordinary galvanized wire. At the same time, the thinner Galfan coating can replace the traditional zinc coating, so as to obtain better weldability and formability at the same time.

Specification parameter:

Raw material:Q195

coating: 5% aluminum, 95% zinc; 10% aluminum, 95% zinc.

Wire diameter:2.2-6.0mm


Because of its good corrosion resistance, it is often used in all kinds of water conservancy protection nets, such as Galfan gabion net, Galfan gabion net, Galfan Reno mattress, Galfan slope protection net, etc.