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Electroplate to wire drawing

2021-11-05 09:00:22

Wire drawing

Processing technology of zinc plating and wire drawing:

The surface of the wire is smooth and bright. Its tensile strength becomes stronger and it is not easy to break.


Specification (mm)

Strength range (MPA)




Guangya metal adopts advanced production equipment and unique production technology researched and developed by the company for many years, so that the amount of zinc on Guangya's modified wire drawing is as high as 25-30g / m2, with good brightness and high strength, which will not explode zinc in the use process, and has been recognized and favored by the majority of customers.


50kg-600kg, one bundle and one end, with inner plastic outer braid and inner plastic outer hemp, can be customized according to the requirements of customers.


It is mainly used for making hanger, bucket handle, nail making, construction, medical treatment, communication, net weaving, brush making, high pressure pipe, binding wire, handicrafts, etc.


The product meets the requirements of "GB / t343 general purpose low carbon steel wire" and relevant standards, and the zinc layer meets the requirements of "GB / t15393 steel wire zinc coating" and relevant standards.