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Hot-dip galvanized wire

2021-11-05 09:01:13

Processing technology of hot galvanized wire:

The hot-dip galvanized wire is also made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire rod (Q195, Q235), which is processed by drawing, pickling, derusting, high-temperature annealing, galvanizing, cooling and other processes. But unlike the galvanized wire, the galvanizing process of the hot-dip galvanized wire is to immerse the steel wire in the molten zinc solution for galvanizing, also known as hot-dip galvanizing.


Specification (mm)

Strength range (MPA)




The hot-dip galvanized wire has the advantages of fast zinc coating, thick zinc layer and excellent rust resistance, and its service life is up to 20 years. However, due to the thickness of zinc layer, the surface of hot-dip galvanized wire is dark.


50kg-600kg, one bundle and one end, with inner plastic outer braid and inner plastic outer hemp, can be customized according to the requirements of customers.


Hot dip galvanized wire is mainly used in cage, wire mesh, construction, handicrafts, product packaging, daily civil and other fields.


The product meets the requirements of "GB / t343 general purpose low carbon steel wire" and relevant standards, and the zinc layer meets the requirements of "GB / t15393 steel wire zinc coating" and relevant standards.