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Dumbbell shaped steel fiber

2021-11-05 09:03:23

Dumbbell shaped steel fiber:

Dumbbell steel fiber belongs to cold drawn steel fiber, and its tensile strength is up to 1150mpa. It is characterized by a special plane design at both ends of the fiber, which provides the best anchoring conditions for the steel fiber in the concrete structure, rather than simply relying on the friction between the concrete and the steel to improve the performance of the concrete.



1. Construction Engineering: house building, cast-in-place pile, frame node, roof and underground waterproof.
2. Pipeline engineering: centrifugal pipe, vibration extrusion pipe, pump pipe, steel fiber concrete, steel lined pressure pipe.
3. Expressway and Bridge Engineering: box arch bridge and lifting ring, continuous box girder and bridge deck.
4. Tunnel and foundation pit engineering: hydraulic tunnel lining, foundation pit channel, track channel and industrial and mining engineering; highway tunnel lining.
5. Road and airport pavement: pavement, frozen area pavement, airport pavement.
6. Railway project: prestressed railway sleeper, double-layer railway sleeper. Hydropower Engineering: erosion and wear of positioning water, throttle valve, brake box, aqueduct, dam seepage control panel.
7. Port and marine engineering: steel pipe pile anti-corrosion coating, wharf facilities and subsea concrete facilities.
8. Others: heavy industrial plant building ground, warehouse ground thin-wall reinforced structure / warehouse, maintenance and reinforcement engineering, buried cable / pipe well cover sewage cover