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How to maintain galvanized wire?


Galvanized wire has the characteristics of strong toughness, high elasticity and strong corrosion resistance, which is widely used in industrial production and daily life. The service life of an article is directly related to its maintenance. How to maintain galvanized wire?
All galvanized wires should be oiled. The fiber core shall be soaked with oil, and the grease shall be able to protect the fiber core from decay and corrosion, and the wire shall moisten the fiber, and lubricate the wire rope from the inside.
The surface is oiled so that all the wires in the rope strand are evenly coated with a layer of antirust lubricating grease. For the mine ropes with friction lifting and large mineral water, the black oil grease with strong abrasiveness and water resistance shall be coated; for other purposes, the red oil grease with strong film property and antirust performance shall be coated, and the oil layer shall be thin, so as to keep clean during operation.
Galvanized wire coating includes zinc plating, aluminum plating, nylon coating or plastic coating, etc. Galvanizing can be divided into thin coating after steel wire plating and thick coating after steel wire drawing. The mechanical properties of thick coating are lower than that of smooth steel wire rope, so it is suitable for use in severe corrosion environment.
Aluminum coated wire rope is more corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and heat-resistant than galvanized wire rope, which is produced by the method of plating first and then drawing. The steel wire rope coated with nylon or plastic can be divided into two types: coated rope and stranded rope. Through the maintenance of galvanized wire, not only can greatly extend its service life, but also can improve its efficiency in daily use.