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What is the standard for the hardness of galvanized wire?


When using galvanized wire, the first thing to consider is the hardness. Only when the hardness reaches the required standard, can it be used. So, what is the standard for the hardness of galvanized wire?
The hardness standard of galvanized wire is an important performance index. But for the hardness of metal material, the resistance of material to press in plastic deformation, scratch, wear or cutting, etc.
In the debugging of zinc dipping distance of galvanized wire, keep the original speed unchanged, and then estimate the zinc dipping distance according to the time of zinc dipping and the diameter of steel wire.
By adjusting the zinc dipping distance, the zinc dipping time of various specifications of steel wire is shortened by 5S on average compared with that before debugging, so that the zinc consumption is reduced, and the zinc consumption per ton of steel wire is reduced from 61kg to 59.4kg.
Galvanized wire is dipped in molten zinc by heating. The production speed is fast and the coating thickness is uneven. The minimum thickness allowed by the market is 45 microns, which can reach more than 300 microns. The color is darker, the zinc consumption is more, and the infiltration layer is formed with the base metal. The corrosion resistance is good, and the hot-dip galvanizing can be maintained for decades in outdoor environment. The galvanized wire shall meet